Nascent Work: Multiples -


A regular by product of my digital photography style is multiple exposures of the same subject, wihtin a contiguous span of time. One of my series in development is the creation of one image from a collection of these similar images, currently laid out in grids.

When I first started shooting digitally, I looked for the one image within this immediate series of exposures, that spoke most accurately for the experience I was trying to cpature. As I repeated this technique (that is ubiquitous to digital photography) I began to see that these individual images colletively created a new image that had more power than just one and in fact often did a better job of capturing the whole mood and character of the subject. This isn't the case all the time, but sometimes a pattern emerges as I review the results of my photo session and a spark of recognition fires in my gut.

The images here are the earliest creations in this series. I am currently working on new pieces.

Helena Vanishing Feet